November 03, 2009

Liars and Haters and Cons, Oh My

Like an M. Night Shyamalan movie, this headline from the Syracuse Post-Standard promises but fails to deliver: Dede Scozzafava says 'hate, lies' wore her down

Somehow the story doesn't back up the headline. "Lies and hate" are lamented, but nothing specific is alleged.

And it softpeddles the problems NY23 Republican voters had with Dede:

Scozzafava had been elected as a pro-choice Republican to be mayor of Gouverneur and member of the New York state Assembly. Suddenly, she was not conservative enough for the rest of the country
Well, if pro-choice were the only issue, but Scozzafava is also anti-traditional marriage, anti-secret union ballot (card check), pro-porkulus...and ultimately pro Democratic challenger Bill Owens - that choice validated virtually every criticism of Scozzafava as a RINO.

Cry me a river, Dede, just do it on the other side of the aisle, where you belong.

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