October 27, 2009

You Don't Say? Boston Area Imam Mentored Two Aspiring Terrorists

Well slap my ass and call me Charley! An imam promoting terrorism? It's almost, like, too hard to believe.

Via Wickedlocal.com:

SHARON - Back around 1995, before the FBI says his interests turned to terrorist training, 14-year-old Ahmad Abou Samra cut a fairly conventional adolescent figure around the Islamic Center of New England’s Sharon mosque.

An honor student at Xaverian Brothers, a Catholic high school in Westwood, and the son of a leading Islamic Center board member, “he seemed like a regular kid,” a longtime mosque member recalled.

That seems to have changed by the time he graduated in 1999 from Stoughton High, where he switched for his senior year.

Within a year, according to government documents, he was talking about jihad. Not long after, he allegedly praised those behind the Sept. 11 attacks.

...Longtime mosque members – who didn’t want to be identified – aren’t sure how well Abou Samra and Mehanna knew each other back then. One said former Sharon Imam Muhammad Masood played a key role in shaping Abou Samra’s turn to conservative Muslim practices.

So who is Muhammad Masood, he is the other common denominator besides Daniel Maldonado.

Miss Kelly :

Lane Lambert posted this article about Muhammad Masood, Sharon Imam in Legal Twilight Zone, who had a hearing at the Moakley Federal CourthHouse today.

The government has charged Masood with nine criminal counts for alleged visa fraud and making false statements. Lambert provides additional background on Masood, and he conveys the sense that nobody is talking about this case. Almost everybody, it seems, declined to comment except for Masood's attorneys. Difficult for a reporter to do his job!

Imam Muhammad Masood was charged with nine criminal counts in 2007 for visa fraud and lying to investigators.

It seems the doctrine of taqqiya -- that lying to the infidels in furtherance of the ummah as justifiable --- is also a common thread amongst this group. Remember under Islam you as an infidel or people of the book are only slightly above the status of dog. So lying to you is similar to lying to a dog or any other beast. Not a problem.

Update: Massood later plead guilty to the charges against him and was sentenced to three years probation, deported to Pakistan, and all the fines were waved.

It seems like rather light punishment to me.

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