October 27, 2009

Yemen Using al Qaeda as Mercenaries in War, Rebels Claim

The following report indicating a deal between the Yemeni government and al Qaeda is from the Houthi rebels' website, link here. They assert the al Qaeda terrorists agreed to fight in the current Sa'ada War on behalf of the Yemeni military, and the statement notes the location of the camp. The Yemeni government does use al Qaeda as mercenaries. If there is a deal, then the shipload of Chinese weapons informally imported by government officials (and then lost?!) possibly makes more sense. A kind soul helped me out with the following summary:

According to some sources confirmed that the leader of Al Qaida in Abu Dubarah. They agreed that the govt, will provide them with light weapons and the Al Qaida fighters will participate in the war against the rebels. Omar Obadah and his followers who just came back from Saudi Arabia and stated that they received some training in Afghanistan. The article mentioned that the leaders were sent to prison by the Saudi authorities. The article also mentioned that Al Qadia leaders presently at Abu Jabarah valley were part of the group who plotted the 2006 al Qaeda escape from the political prison in Sanaa...

The area of abu Jabarah is located in the Ruba Alkhali valley "the deserted area between Yemen and Saudi Arabia" on the north eastern side of Yemen. In this area there are such an extensive and concentrated militia who are wanted by the Yemeni and Saudi authorities as well. .

The Yemeni regime is entirely beyond redemption. If they weren't fighting the war, there would be much better counter-terror theater but still little substance. Full report and original Arabic by me.

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