October 26, 2009

Another in the Long List of "Normal Kids" Who Turn Out to be Terrorists

NEFA has a special report on Najibullah Zazi, the man behind last months foiled terror plot in NYC:

Najibullah Zazi emigrated with his family from Afghanistan as a child and grew up in Flushing, Queens. He shared the same interests as other typical American teens, including a love of video games and the latest fashion trends. He dropped out of high school and began operating a coffee cart in Lower Manhattan. In 2006, he married a cousin in Pakistan, visiting her and their children in Pakistan regularly. Then his behavior and his outward appearance began to change. Once friendly to customers, he grew cold and combative. And although he had always been religiously observant, he became even more doctrinal. After his most recent trip to Pakistan, Zazi abruptly moved to Aurora, Colorado, where he was arrested in September 2009 on charges of plotting to use weapons of mass destruction to attack targets in the United States.
Are we beginning to see a pattern here?

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