October 22, 2009

More About Tarek Mehanna's Online Jihad

Via Jihad Watch:

Now where did he get these crazy ideas about the Religion of Peace? Why is it that all the multitudinous Misunderstanders of Islam seem to misunderstand Islam in the same way? "
I think Robert's post contains a few items I've not seen yet.

But hey, there's nothing to see here, move along.

Don't you raaaacyyyysts know that Mehanna was just your ordinary average guy, you know, fantasizing about Jihad.

Via Riehl World View: The AP reports Tarek Mehanna was just a "typical American kid" who earned a doctorate degree according to friends, though he did want to kill two former unidentified members of the Executive Branch now out of office and shoot down taxpayers in a shopping mall
I'm sure that's correct and he was not really dangerous at all.

Just like these al-Qaeda videos on Youtube just are not really dangerous stuff.


And these Taliban users aren't uploading really dangerous stuff.


Cause you know Google now has turned over a new leaf and they have removed all the *really dangerous stuff.

Yeah Right.


* Really dangerous stuff consists of the empty gesture that Google made to the homeland security committee. They, you know, spent a few days yanking down a few Jihadi vids, except for the ones uploaded before that day, and about 90% of the rest of them. Once that "blew over" they just release statements bragging about how wonderful that was, rather than actually do much of anything about the rest of it.

So click on the Smackdown logo above and go do Google's job for them. Lord knows they won't.

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