October 20, 2009

Online Terrorist Propaganda Threat is Real

Via National Post:

The Long War against radical Islam is a war of ideas as much as a war of arms. Yet, for too long, the incitement and violent propaganda from Internet platforms operated by violent Islamist extremists have gone unnoticed and unanswered.

Today, such neglect is not an option. As we have been warned by Harry Wingo — a former Navy SEAL who now serves as Google’s Washington, D.C. policy counsel — “the code is mightier than the sword.”

Internet code may have created enormous wealth for Mr. Wingo’s bosses. But it is also an operational weapon in the hands of terrorist groups to indoctrinate, recruit, train, and finance the next generation of terrorists. Increasingly besieged on the battlefield, al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas and their Islamist brethren now seek anonymity and freedom of movement online through a vast and sophisticated terrorist web network. To counter their influence, policymakers and counterterrorism officials need to treat these outlets as indistinguishable from the terrorist organizations that use them.

...Terrorist online platforms are a critical part of the battlefield on which the Long War against violent Islamist extremism is being fought. If they hope to persevere, Western democracies need to take aggressive and direct action against these media properties.

Amen Brotha, about effing time.

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