October 15, 2009

UK Islamists to Protest Freedom, Democracy: "We have had enough of freedom!"

Target rich environment?

British news media have been reporting on the plans of a group in the United Kingdom to hold an October 31 march in London calling for the end to the “oppression of democracy and man-made laws”… stating “We have had enough of freedom”… and calling for Sharia law to replace democracy and freedom in the United Kingdom.
This would be the same group we see over and over again in the UK spewing hate and nonsense -- the followers of Omar Bakri Mohammad. Yes, the same people who brought you such classic protest signs as Behead those who insult Islam, Islam will conquer Rome, and Be prepared for the real holocaust.

And yes, the same people seen pictured right using freedom of speech to condemn it.

They say that they will have 5,000 Muslims out for the protest. I doubt that will happen. Expect a 100 or less. 100 is a far cry from 5k.

But still, these guys once openly supported al Qaeda. Now they only covertly support them. So, no big deal, right?

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