October 13, 2009

Joey Cohen on Fox News..... Again

It seems JoeyCohen -- the Jewish convert to radical Islam who calls himself Youssef al-Khattab -- has made Fox News for praying for his parents' death, again.



NEW YORK — A New York bicycle cabbie who last year used his Web site to mock the beheading of journalist Daniel Pearl posted a prayer calling for the murder of Jews and exhorting Muslims to “throw liquid drain cleaner in their faces." And there's nothing authorities can do about it.
Yes, Joey does word his threats very carefully so he feels protected by his "free speech" rights. It's the typical trolling he does to get attention.

Lately some of his actions have been less typical, more bold.

If you read his website located at revolutionmuslim.com you will also see a post labeled By all Means Necessary by his lover Yunnis Abdullah Muhammad in which they advocate for a "future Islamic state". Where? Why in America of course. There used to be a day when we called that sedition.


Right below that is a post advocating al-Shabbab in Somalia. Al-Shabbab has been designated an official terrorist group by the State Department. They are al Qaeda's local affiliate. But there he is lending support by spreading propaganda that attempts to get Muslims to support them.

Scroll down a little and there is a post of a press release from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, aka the Taliban. A group declared a terrorist organization by the UN and an executive order in the US. And yet there is Cohen supporting our enemy in a time of war.... again.

You know I support the right to "information". I support the right of this POS to pray for the deaths of his own people.

But Yousef al-Khattab and his partners have spent years and years advocating for the enemies of the United States of America during a time of war. A crime we used to call treason back when we had balls.

He is always advocating terrorism, advocating violence against Jews. While always hiding behind the rights of "free speech" and "religion".

Well, after a while that just doesn't fly any more Joey.

The really sad thing is Joey is sitting in his home right now laughing his ass off at the lack of backbone shown by the infidels. We will sit by and let our enemies use our soil and our own infrastructure against us.

He loves this as much as you dislike it, probably even more.

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He has as much right to say these things as a decent company would have to refuse to host him. I guess WeHostWebSites.com is not a reputable company because they are still doing business with him five days after we sent complaints.

You know one of these days Joey is going to incite someone to actually kill someone. Maybe then it will be taken seriously. I hope it doesn't come to that but that seems to be what is going to take.

Joeys provider iswas WeHostWebSites.com.

393 Inverness Parkway
Englewood, Colorado 80112
Fax: 1-888-300-2329 or 303-414-6913

The Jawa Report, dependably about five days ahead of FOXNEWS ;-).

Update: We've made contact with Jay Sudowski Director of Technical Services at WeHostWebSites.Com. Lets just say Jay has been somewhat less than concerned or cooperative to say the least.

Update: PWNED!

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