October 12, 2009

Court docs: Ohio terror imam Hany Saqr was taking phone calls from the head of Hamas

Last week I revisited information from the recent brief submitted to the court in the Rifqa Bary case concerning her parents' mosque, the Noor Islamic Cultural Center, in Ohio. The first item I noted was that the name of the founder and imam of the mosque, Hany Saqr, had appeared in exhibits offered as evidence in the Holy Land Foundation terrorism trial.

The first item I noted was that a 1992 Phone Directory of the top Muslim Brotherhood leadership in North America not only showed Saqr as a member of the board of directors, but also the executive committee and listed him as the eastern regional "masul", or head. The home phone number listed for Saqr in the directory matched both his home phone number at the time, but also his work number was his assigned phone number at the pathology department at Ohio State.

The second item noted was that the same phone directory showed that one of his subordinates, Ismail Elbarasse, had been identified in a November 2001 memo prepared by FBI Assistant Director for the Counterterrorism Division Dale Watson that fingered Elbarasse for funneling at least $735,000 to Hamas while under Saqr's direct supervision.

But another piece of the puzzle comes into play connecting both of these established facts, namely, that phone records obtained by the Department of Justice for top Hamas leader Mousa Abu Marzook shows that he and Saqr were in direct communication at the time that Marzook was overseeing millions in disbursements to the terrorist organization. At the time, Hamas was getting as much as 30 percent of its budget from the US. The graphic below taken from Marzook's phone records (p. 21) show calls between Saqr and the terror leader in June 1992, among others (courtesy of the Florida Security Council).


Hamas had already been identified by the State Department as a terrorist group when these calls took place, and according to the official Hamas website, Marzook was operating as its top leader since at least 1991. Some insider accounts from pro-Hamas scholars claim Marzook had been leading the organization since 1988.

One has to wonder if Hany Saqr disclosed his leadership role in the international Muslim Brotherhood movement, his supervision of a terrorist financier, and his communications with the top Hamas leader on his immigration paperwork as is required by law? That might explain why Saqr's friend, Meredith "Hijab" Heagney of the Columbus Dispatch, has thus far failed to make any inquiries into this information.

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