October 08, 2009

Court docs: Hamas bagman worked for Ohio terror imam Hany Saqr

Yesterday I posted about court documents from the Holy Land Foundation terrorism finance trial that fingered the Ohio imam at the center of the ongoing Rifqa Bary dependency trial, Hany Saqr of the Noor Islamic Cultural Center, as one of the top leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood. This information comes from the 35 page memorandum submitted to the Florida court by Rifqa's attorney, John Stemberger, extensively documenting the terrorist ties of her parent's imam and mosque.

What specifically fingered Hany Saqr is a 1992 phone directory of Muslim Brotherhood leaders entered into evidence in the Holy Land case by the Department of Justice. As I mentioned yesterday, Saqr is listed in three different sections as a member of the board of directors, the executive committee, and as the eastern regional "masul", or leader. Not only does the home phone number in the Muslim Brotherhood phone directory match the number registered to Saqr's home at the time (verified independently through publicly available records), but the office number listed was his actual office phone at the Ohio State University pathology department.

But there's more info concerning Hany Saqr from these court documents. On the page showing Saqr's position as eastern regional masul for the Muslim Brotherhood, it also shows his subordinates. As you see in the graphic of the phone directory below (taken from the Florida Security Council website), one of Saqr's subordinates was none other than Ismail Elbarasse.


Who is Ismail Elbarasse? Well, according to a November 2001 memorandum prepared by FBI Assistant Director for the Counterterrorism Division Dale Watson, at the time that Elbarasse was under Dr. Saqr's supervision (1992-1993) he conveyed at least $735,000 to another U.S.-based Hamas operative to provide directly to Hamas terror leaders in Gaza and the West Bank. This memo was the basis for the raids, arrests and indictments of the Holy Land Foundation officials. Concerning Elbarassee, Assistant Director Watson states:

Ismail Elbarasse: During questioning by Israeli authorities, SDT [Specially Designated Terrorist] Mohammad Salah stated that he was directed by Marzook to receive funds from Elbarasse to be used for funding HAMAS military operations. (Exhibit 20). Salah's financial records document that Elbarasse wire transferred a total of $735,000.00 to Salah from December 1992 to January 1993. (Exhibit 21). A review of financial records reflect that in the 1990s, Elbarasse had a joint bank account with Marzook.

The actual page from the Watson memo discussing Elbarasse's work funding Hamas terror operations is below.


So we discover from these court documents that not only was supposed "moderate" Ohio imam Hany Saqr a top leader in the international Muslim Brotherhood, but he was also supervising one of the top Hamas bagmen at the time he was conveying money to the terrorist group.

You wonder if Columbus Dispatch reporter and Noor Center press officer Meredith "Hijab" Heagney bothered to look into the actual details and supporting documentation of Stemberger's report (you know, like court records and FBI memos) before declaring Hany Saqr innocent of all the accusations against him. Just wait until she sees what we have for Jawa readers on Monday.

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