October 05, 2009

NYT Commenter of the Month Candidate

So I'm perusing the comments of this NYT blog post about the alleged barefoot running/jogging movement, and I stumbled upon this beauty close to the top:

You should try running naked! Seriously, I live in a condo and my third floor is deserted four five months of the year. Since I’m an online newspaper editor and stay up half the night, the easiest time I can find to run is often around 3 or 4 in the morning, and sometimes just before dawn. I am 315 poungs and 5′8″, so you wouldn’t think I can run at all. But I found to my absolute delight that when I ran as fast as I could down the corridor and back (which is about 100 feet each way),I really, really moved out (and felt like I was back playing high school football at Monroe-Woodbury). I got winded, of course, but that helps my metabolism. And because my around-the-house gym shorts kept falling down as I ran (it’s the curve of the stomach, I guess), every once in a while I tried it naked. What a blast! Also, even though I did little in the way of warm-ups. I had no problem with an old hamstring tear. The strain was really negligible. Now, when I go play tennis on Monday nights, my efforts to return fast corner shots occasionally get me there on time, and I tell you, that’s a real big improvement. How great to see this article just a month or two later! But the snowbirds are returning already… :)
Either that's somebody trolling, or that's the most awesome comment EVAR.

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