October 05, 2009

Source: Rifqa Bary’s brother brags he leaked her foster care location to Muslim stalker-blogger

Last month the Orlando family court overseeing the Rifqa Bary case released a report by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement that claims that they found no evidence to support her claims of abuse despite the father’s explicit admission to the primary incident that prompted her to flee (picking up her laptop and threatening to hit her with it) and a policy that prohibited the FDLE investigators from looking into any allegations of abuse that occurred in her home of Ohio, namely all of them.

But we were contacted by a source close to Rifqa’s family who made statements that calls into question the FDLE’s bogus findings and provides evidence that the Bary family home is not so safe and secure as the lamestream media cheerleading for her return has led to believe.

Our source, who is a member of the Central Ohio Islamic community and is close to the Bary family, claims that Rifqa Bary’s older brother, Rilvan, has repeatedly bragged about providing specific information on Rifqa’s Florida foster family to San Francisco-based Islamic stalker-blogger Davi Barker (whose email is themuslimagorist@gmail.com for anyone who is curious), who claimed in one post that he knew Rifqa’s present location and issued this veiled threat:

I'll tell you one thing reader... if she's not safe in Ohio, she's not safe in Florida. All it took was a little creative Googling and I was able to determine the likely address where she's staying*... But I digress.

Since Rifqa is currently in state custody and living with a Florida DCF-approved foster family, her location is confidential.

According to the source, Rilvan Bary provided Barker with the home phone number of the foster family – a potentially criminal act. (At some future point we might tell the scandalous story of how exactly how Rilvan obtained the home phone number of the foster family.) With that critical piece of information virtually anyone could locate her through “creative Googling”. The source further explained that Rilvan has bragged about passing off the information “to let her (Rifqa) know she could be gotten to anywhere” – a message Barker repeated with his “if she’s not safe in Ohio, she’s not safe in Florida” threat.

The source added Rilvan also provided Barker detailed information about several of Rifqa’s Christian associates in Ohio and elsewhere, presumably the same information contained on a computer thumb drive that the Bary family provided to the Orlando Sentinel through their representatives, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

Our source expressed concern about providing any information that might identify them, but did allow us to provide one quote from our conversation:

I first believed Mohamed’s (Rifqa’s father) story, but after I heard Rilvan bragging to many people about what he had done, I now think there is a real concern for her safety. Why would he do such a thing? Many people in the Muslim community have heard about what he (Rilvan) did, but now that CAIR and the Noor Center have now taken control of this issue no one else is going to speak out. Even Mohamed is following their orders.

After several bloggers called Davi Barker out on his threat to Rifqa’s safety, he quickly added a clarification to his post that he did not mean his comments to be a threat. He has also made defamatory claims against several of her Christian associates, including accusing them of crimes, which he has since retracted. (I sincerely hope those involved would consider pursuing their legal rights against Barker.)

We have additional info on Rifqa’s POS brother and his stalker-blogger accomplice, but this new development raises questions about the shoddy investigative work by law enforcement in both Ohio and Florida who have assured everyone that there is no threat to Rifqa Bary. The question is whether they are more concerned about offending the self-appointed leaders of the Muslim community or ensuring Rifqa Bary’s safety. The answer is becoming clear.

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