October 02, 2009

A Picture Worth 1,000 Speeches on Teleprompter

Can't wait to see their faces next November and beyond as the wheels of Barry-O's Hope-n-Change roadshow come flying off with each successive encounter with reality.

Of course, these O-bots aren't concerned with the rising unemployment under their hero's watch. Or that he's losing two wars that were handed to him to win and which were winnable for any President willing to stand up and fight them to the finish. Nope - THIS is the tragedy which hits home for them.

Being rejected by the other "citizens of the world." They thought Obama was going to be doing end zone dances up and down the newsreels. And now? Lingering doubts. Questions. Lamentations. Criticisms. Regrets.

And they're delicious
, might I add.

This is what happens, America, when you vote for an American Idol instead of a leader. This is what happens when you value style over substance. This is what happens when you turn the Presidency into a PR firm/cheap imitation of The West Wing TV series.

Enjoy it - you voted for it.

pic from HillBuzz.

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