October 02, 2009

Lebanese Muslims Skeert of Brazilian Babes

Via Creeping Sharia:

Sexy Brazilian samba dancers in real life or blow yourself to pieces and hope 72 virgins can put you back together in the after life? Decisions, decisions. No reason to be scared fella’s.
Naturally I feel its important we study female Brazilian dancers, so that we can have a better understanding of our Muslim bros and what they are skeert of.


Yup she's pretty er uh scary.... ;)

More extremely frightening images at Howie's Moisture Farm.

Update: Chicago has been eliminated as the host for the 2016 Olympic Games. I was kinda leaning towards Rio anyway and after this er uh research I'm pretty sure Rio is da place baby.

Oh and check out Drudge's headline on this one. Classic.

Update II: Rio it is! Hell yeah! I might even watch the ceremonies full of hot Brazilian samba dancers!

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