September 30, 2009

JIDF & Facebook

Yeah, I've been watching the JIDF's ongoing problems with Facebook. I've kinda tried to stay out of it. But here's a message from JIDF Founder David Appletree.

Subject: Help keep me on Facebook?

Dear Activists,

As some of you might know, I received noticed that my account is slated for deactivation in the next 9 hours. Perhaps you can help the situation by writing a short email in support of me and my work here to this address:

For the latest updates and information please check out the JIDF site and; - many other accounts are slated for deactivation, apparently.

Also, I have created the following group, which address this issue:

Facebook Issues: Privacy, Content Ownership, and Selective TOS Enforcement

Unfortunately, this seems real, and I will lose over 2 years of correspondence, over 4,000 friends, over 50 groups and pages I created or admin with hundreds of thousands of members and fans, etc.

It just doesn't seem fair. Point 2 in Facebook's TOS says that we own our content. Apparently, that's not the case if some of us have to take certain precautions to protect our privacy, safety, and security.

Thanks for all your support of the years. I hope you'll continue to support our work - we will try to continue making the fan page active: - and we urge you to interact w/ the JIDF site, as people can now leave comments there.

David Appletree

Jewish Internet Defense Force;

I've not had any trouble with Facebook myself.

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