September 30, 2009

Your Huddled Masses Yearning To Molest Children

Where's Gilligan's Island when you need it?

MARIETTA, Ga. Nine homeless sex offenders directed to live in the woods behind a suburban Atlanta office park have been ordered to move and are scrambling to find new places to go.

The sex offenders were searching for a new place to set up their tents Tuesday after state authorities told them they had to leave the area.

They had been directed to the spot by probation officers who said it was a location of last resort for the sex offenders barred from living in many areas by one of the nation's toughest sex offender policies.

As a father, my location of last resort would have been a firing squad, but that's just me.

We're the United Socialist States of America, isn't there some remote version of Siberia we can send these scumbags? Not only for our children's safety, but to stop hearing their incessant "Help! Help! I'm being repressed" whiny crap.

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