September 24, 2009

Grand Jury Charges Immigrant on Terror "WMD" Charge

Wow, just wow. The indictment is full of terms meant to establish federal jurisdiction on the case -- namely, all the stuff about "interstate commerce". But the interesting thing is that the single charge in the indictment is conspiring to:

use one or more weapons of mass destruction
Ace is pretty skeptical of the MSM going along with calling the bombs that would have been used a "WMD". Would they have let the AG's office get away with calling TATP based bombs "weapons of mass destruction"?

I can't answer that.

But maybe Najibullah Zazi had something else besides conventional bombs in mind?

In the detainment motion filed today it mentions that Zazi, "and others flew ... to Peshawar, Pakistan." It was in Pakistan that Zazi learned how to construct bombs. He then emailed those instructions to himself. It was those bombmaking instructions that were found on his computer.

It then goes on to describe how Zazi had bought some of the basic ingredients for making a TATP bomb and then checked into a hotel where a stove was available -- the implication being that Zazi was experimenting on his bomb design there.

But it gets worse, because it also mentions that at least three other people in Colorado aided Zazi in buying bomb making materials.

Worse, why? Because only Zazi has been charged. Which means that unless the imam and his father who were both arrested for lying to the FBI were directly involved in the plot, that means that we have at least three other conspirators on the loose.

Another thing to note here is that when Zazi's home was finally searched, that the hardrive in his laptop has been removed. Luckily, and unkown to Zazi, the FBI had already backed it up on a previous search when they towed his car using a trumped up excuse.

As I opined last weekend, it now seems rather clear now that the FBI did not wish to tip off Zazi that he was being surveilled when they did. One has to wonder what other evidence has been lost because an imam who was supposedly informing for the JTTF tipped Zazi off?

I'm guessing that there is much more to this plot than meets the eye.

UPDATE: Or Shahor emails this:

in the federal code a bomb is a weapon of mass destruction
I did not know that.

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