September 23, 2009

Guy Who Specializes in "Leveraging" The Arts Community for Health Care Issues Coincidentally at NEA Conference Call (UPDATE: Also, Coincidentally, a "Pioneer of Guerilla Marketing")

The NEA apology from the White House is laughable, at best. Again, if this was just all a big misunderstanding then why was a representative from one of the country's largest political advertising firms involved? And pushing the health care agenda on company time?

I believe the following information might help explain Bim Ayandele's involvement. Not only did he help set up the Office of Public Engagement, but:

Before joining Winner & Associates, Mr. Ayandele served as the Director of Cures Now, a Los Angeles based non-profit organization leveraging a coalition of actors, directors, producers, musicians, and writers to promote the rapid, responsible and ethical advancement of science-related social issues, such as stem-cell research and diabetes awareness."
It seems Mr. Ayandele's expertise is in "leveraging" the entertainment industry to "promote" health care related issues.

But I'm sure the sudden interest by the "non-partisan" Rock the Vote in pushing President Obama's vision of health care is just a coincidence....

Thanks to someone in the comments.

UPDATE: Also just a coincidence:

Ayandele developed and implemented some of the pioneering guerilla marketing techniques that were instrumental in deciding the 2008 United States presidential campaign.
Nothing to see here folks. Move along.....

Thanks to Bim's newest buddy, Darth Odieus.

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