September 23, 2009

Meet the "Secretary of War"

When Shachtman forwarded this article about Robert Gates, I was a little skeptical. Who still uses the term "military industrial complex"? It's so .... Eisenhower. Or maybe Michael Moore.

But the article is worth the read. It's about how Robert Gates is trying to turn the Pentagon into a war making department, rather than a war planning department. A distinction I have never really thought of before.

The argument is always that the military is busy fighting the last war. But Gates sees this as missing what really goes on inside the Pentagon. The military is busy planning for a future war, rather than busy fighting the current one.

And calling himself the "Secretary of War"? Sheer genius. You do know that the "Department of Defense" was called the "Department of War" up until Truman had to go all silly euphemism on us.

Read it all.

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