September 22, 2009

Three in Terror Ring Charged (or, Rusty's Crazy Psychic Powers)

Who could have predicted that the terror suspects involved in the NYC bomb plot would be charged with "lying"? Oh, yeah, me.

Which means that the NYPD probably jumped the gun. I'm not blaming them for this. Hindsight is a lot more 20/20 than making choices with incomplete information. And if we must err -- and this is inevitable -- then it's better to err on the side of caution.

I also notice that the imam was charged for tipping Najibullah Zazi off. Good move. Again, as I wrote this may be the most troubling aspect of the case.

I'm not sure how relevant this is, but for some reason it's very easy for me to imagine that a lawyer eager to defend a guy linked to al Qaeda also is caught smoking dope. I hope he doesn't use "the drugs weren't mine" defense for his client. Otherwise, we'll have a mistrial for lack of competent defense.

Anyway, I think I'll quit this academia gig and open my own psychic blogging service. Blogging imitating TV imitating how life should be if it was less tragic and more funny.

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