September 18, 2009

Becoming "Health Care Activist" for ObamaCare = "National Service"

At least, that's what the website, "volunteer," listings are suggesting.

They're compensating "progressive activists" spouting White House talking points and propaganda with taxpayer funds. And guess who's intimately tied up with all of this?

A C O R N. The child prostitute-advising, tax-evasion enabling criminal leftwing radical organization that Obama used to litigate for, teach in and advise.

The Obama Administration - using your tax dollars to promote its political agenda and pay leftwing Democrats and "progressive" activists to "get in your face" and surrender your health care to the government since 2009.

Nice job by Dana Losech at Big Government to connect the dots here.

MORE: Here's a look at the ACORN cancer in my home state of Pennsylvania, where the group gets hundreds of thousands of PA taxpayer money to do...whatever the hell it is they think they're doing. Namely, advocating the violation of federal laws, harassing businesses and banks and fleecing the taxpayer.

You're now seeing just how deep these termites have bored into the civil fabric - behind the scenes until now.

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