September 16, 2009

Al Qaeda's Basement Dwelling Unit Warn Enemies of Attacks

Shaking in our boots alert. If you haven't been following the recent eHadi vs. counter-eHadi wars, here's a synopsis.

Last year the forum most directly connected to al Qaeda -- al Ekhlaas -- went down right around September 11th. Ekhlaas claimed they took the site down voluntarily.

This year the successor forum most directly connected to al Qaeda -- al Follojah -- went down right around September 11th. Several other well connected forums, like al Qimmah, also went down.

Last week, right around September 11th, al Ekhlaas suddenly reappeared and al Follojah suddenly went down. But now al Follojah is back up. And they're none too happy about Ekhlaas coming back online. Even going so far as to claim that the newly reopened Ekhlaas was a spy operation.

Ekhlaas responded by claiming that GIMF and al Fajr were slandering them and that they had reopened on 9/11 on direct orders -- presumably from al Qaeda central.

You can see why I've been constantly eating popcorn over the past week. When eHadis attack eHadis nothing but fun ensues. Let them sow discord amongst themselves. It saves the taxpayers time and money.

GIMF then responded with a lengthy statement recounting how Western intelligence agencies have tried and failed to stop al Qaeda's various media efforts.

They're wrong. Western intelligence agencies have done nothing to stop them. Law enforcement has been more actively involved -- for instance, in the statement GIMF recognizes that several of its founding members are now in jail, including Mohammad Mahmoud (pictured above) -- but not nearly enough resources have been devoted to it in my estimation.

I won't post the whole statement, but let me just highlight this part from one translation:

But - by the grace of Allah and His generosity to His servants - Allah empowered His servants to recognize their evil machinations and bury the plan before it was fully born. Now we are watching them - with the permission of Allah Ta’ala...

And we say to the enemies - you well know the size of what we can do, and the response will be harsh and the testimony will be in what you see, not in what you hear. The fever has begun

That threat is a paraphrase of one issued by Ayman al Zawahiri a few years ago.

The fever part? Presumably from Blue Oyster Cult.

What could the basement dwellers at GIMF possibly do? Challenge us to a game of World of Warcraft?

We are collectively shaking in our boots! Bwahahahahaaaaaaaaaa!!

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