September 16, 2009

Taliban Leaders Forced, Once Again, To Tell Subordinates that Sex With Boys is Bad

Two thoughts.

First, this isn't the first time the Taliban have tried to discourage its soldiers from "tak[ing] young boys with no facial hair ... into their private quarters".

Second, the fact that they have to order their troops not to do this .... I mean, how common must this practice be?

From the Taliban's newest set of rules:

Mujahideen have to avoid company of the youngsters without having beard, specially keeping them in camps
You can read the rest here.

It's like reading the Soviet Constitution. A written document with lengthy promises of adhering to civilized norms, but which in practice will be so routinely ignored as to make them laughable.

Except to the useful idiots who will point to them and say, "See, the Taliban are pretty decent folks!"

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