September 12, 2009

This Is What Democracy Looks Like

Some say Barack Obama is a divider. They're wrong. He's a uniter of his opposition.


[UPDATE by Rusty: Looks like the pic above is old and was being passed around as new. But I saw the live shots, and the crowd size looked about the same. For instance, see Flopping Aces below.

2 million? I dunno, probably an overestimation. But certainly more than some who are trying to downplay the protest suggest.]

Check out the various streaming camera shots here.


Oh so very much more at Tea Party Express. Just keep scrolling. And Lots of pics at Flopping Aces.

Godspeed, you peaceful patriots. Give those heroically idiotic clowns what for.

UPDATE:(Newbie): Crowd estimated by ABC NEWS: 2 MILLION!

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