September 11, 2009

JihadTube Video: Hey, Let's Imitate "The Heroes" of 9/11" -- Like Mohammad Atta


Is Google lazy or evil? They don't bother remembering 9/11 nor do they bother purging terror supporters who use their services to praise the 9/11 hijackers.

Here's a link to a video posted by user "jihadTV01" of Osama bin Laden lauding the "magnificient 19" -- the terrorists that purpertrated 9/11. A screenshot is above.

The video is captioned "May allah Protect Sheikh Usama binladen" and tagged "qaeda jihad shabab somali" -- all red flags. But maybe YouTube just hasn't had time to bump the video and users? Well, it's been up since December of last year.

When will Google stop the pretenses that they no longer provide a platform for violent Islamists in helping spread propaganda -- the first stage in the terrorist recruitment process? Try, um, never.

Calling Joe Lieberman: We're counting on you to remind Google, once again, that there's a war on and that they're supposed to be on our side. But maybe you and your buddy McCain are too busy with the important issues of the day? Joe Wilson.

And the responses from viewers of this video? Excluding the ones complaining that UBL can't be right since 9/11 was an inside job:


indeed these strikes were a blessing and a response to the americans aggression hence they got their due punishment and also this was bravery of the lions of jihad

Mashaallah Möge Allah sie in der höchsten stufen vom Paradies belohnen!!!
May Allah give them the Paradise

may allah give them the shahada!

A reminder that a shahada is the reward of the martyr.

But the worst one of all?

MAY ALLAH BLESS THE BROTHERS FROM HAMBURG, YOU ARE THE FIRST OF A GENERATION, WE IMITATE YOU IN OUR PLANNING AND YOU ADMIRE YOUR FIRMNESS IN THE PATH OF ALLAH, MAY ALLAH BLESS YOUR GRAVES WITH LIGHT... YOU STOOD UP TO THE KILLER AMERICA AND ITS LEADER ISRAEL. We owe you our dear brothers, you are the lions that shook the pants of the kaffirs, we admire you brothers and are striving to shake the kaffirs soul yet again, day and night we plan , we ask allah for success..
An idle threat? A masturbatory fantasy? A pipe dream? Probably.

But I wonder what the ratio is of idle threats written down online to actual threats unstated? 10:1? 20:1? 30:1? 100:1?

Whatever the number is, at some point you must assume that the people admitting online that they wish to emulate the 9/11 conspirators represent a larger pool of people who not only wish this, but who are at some stage of the process leading to "martyrdom".

I'm not saying Google's lax policies in policing this kind of file filth will lead directly to another 9/11 style attack. But it is clear that one of the common denominators between all -- and I mean all -- homegrown jihadis is that they like to spend their free time watching these types of videos. And from that pool, a certain subset will act if and when other factors align.

Is it too much to ask Google to police for al Qaeda and other terrorist propaganda with at least the same degree of scrutiny as they do to videos displaying nudity? I think not.

I began this post by asking if Google was evil or just lazy? It was a trick question. It's neither. The correct answer is that Google is negligent.

Hat tip: Samir ibn Zafar Khan.

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