September 10, 2009

HORRIFIC BOMBSHELL: Joe Wilson Took NoDoz Caffiene Pills in 2007 Or Something

...making him as bad as any college student cramming for exams. Here are NoDoz, for the uninitiated.

Of course, this is just a pathetic leftwing non-smear-in-the-making (they're obviously trying to make you think he's some kind of whacked-out drug addict).

Let's compare: Ted Kennedy (D) killed a woman and was an alcoholic - sorry, because he was an alcoholic. Barack Obama (D) admitted he did coke and pot in college - habitually. That was acceptable behavior, according to Joe Wilson's critics.

Calling the Liar in Chief a liar in the midst of his weaving a tapestry of lies and taking caffeine pills two years ago is not acceptable behavior to those same people.

Wait - I'm sorry - heckling the President when speaking to Congress is OK when it's a Republican. I forgot the rules changed again.

So a question for those interested: is smoking cigarettes OK now? Obama smokes. Ask a doctor what he'd prefer you do if you had to choose - caffeine pills or cigarettes. Who is (and in Wilson's case, was) being more irresponsible regarding their own health - Obama or some Congressman who you didn't know existed until last night?

Up is down, black is white, freedom is slavery, ignorance is bliss, yadda yadda.

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