September 07, 2009

Law enforcement notified of death threat against Rifqa Bary

The Florida Dept of Law Enforcement and the FBI have been notified of a death threat against Rifqa Bary in the form of a Facebook group that states its mission as "we need to kill her". Facebook has removed the group as of this morning, but a copy of group page from Aug. 28th can still be found in Google cache. The group was created by a Mohamed Sahlan Suhail, whose personal FB page has also been removed.

According to the screen captures posted at Atlas Shrugs, there were at least 123 members of the group as of last night.

And for those of you wondering, yes that would be the same FDLE investigating that found no substantive threat to Rifqa in a report submitted to the court and sealed by the judge last Thursday. Will FDLE now revise its clearly erroneous assessment? Any guesses how many media outlets who picked up the FDLE report meme despite the court's gag order will pick up the story of this death threat? Will the Bary parents' attorney Shayan Elahi and the Council on America-Islamic Relations apologize for stoking the flames of religious hatred and bigotry against Rifqa and the Christian community in this case?

A screen shot of the page from Google cache can be found below the fold:


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