September 04, 2009

Rifqa Bary has less rights than a captured Al-Qaeda terrorist


One of the bombshell developments from yesterday's hearing in Florida family court in the case of would-be honor killing victim Rifqa Bary is that the Florida Dept of Law Enforcement (FDLE) conducted a three and a half hour interrogation WITHOUT HER ATTORNEYS present - showing that Rifqa has less rights than a captured Al-Qaeda terrorist in Guantanamo Bay. The only thing FDLE stopped short of was waterboarding Rifqa.

Rifqa's court-appointed advocate/guardian ad litem was livid as she had requested that the Dept of Children and Families (DCF) notify her and Rifqa's personal attorney before an interrogation, which never happened. DCF and FDLE - both controlled by FL Gov. Charlie Crist - colluded to make this inquisition happen in the absence of her attorneys.

According to news reports, the guardian ad litem said that 15 minutes into the interview, Rifqa asked about having her attorneys present at which point the three adult male FDLE inquisitors told her that since she was the "victim" in the case, she wasn't entitled to have her attorneys present. Needless to say, her abusive parents had their attorneys present during their interview.

Contact Gov. Charlie Crist and tell him to end the inquisitions by his FDLE and DCF goons:

Governor Charlie Crist's office: Phone: (850) 488-4441, (850) 488-7146
Fax: (850) 487-0801

Florida Department of Children and Family:
George H. Sheldon, Secretary
1317 Winewood Blvd.
Building 1, Room 202
Tallahassee, Florida
Phone: (850) 487-1111
Fax: (850) 922-2993

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