September 04, 2009

I Think Someone's Going to Get a Fatwa


A comic series depicting superheroes based on characteristics of Allah is reportedly on its way to British screens this year.

The cartoons, named The 99 after the characteristics of Allah, were launched in 2006 as a comic book.

The cast of the comic books include Jabbar, a Saudi Arabian Hulk-type figure and Darr the Afflicter, a paraplegic American who can manipulate nerve endings with his mind to trigger pain.

More characters are being revealed as each comic book is released, but there will never be 99 characters because it is forbidden to depict all of Allah’s attributes.

Gee, remember all the stir about the Muhammad cartoons? If depicting Muhammad in images is haram (forbidden in Islam), how much more upset will the radical Islamists be over 99 depictions of Allah in tights? I hope one of the 99 turns out to be a voluptuous woman in a skin tight body suit. That will earn a Fatwa for sure!

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