September 01, 2009

Taliban: This is a Video of Us Murdering Someone We Don't Like


Over the weekend the Pakistani Taliban released a video of themselves murdering "spies" in Waziristan.

Spies, in the Taliban lexicon, meaning any one who works for the legitimate government of Pakistan, opposes them, won't lend them a goat, or who pretty much does anything that they don't like.

The "spies" are seen on the video "confessing". No doubt after long beatings and then promises of forgiveness if they would confess.

At least one of the spies is then seen on the video taken out during the night and then shot multiple times.

Taliban justice.

Oddly, the video comes from "Zarqawi Studios" -- an obvious tribute to the former leader of al Qaeda in Iraq, but one of only a few videos ever released under that "brand".

Images below. Not so graphic, but still disturbing.




Thanks to Akhi Abu Redmosque al Soontobedead.

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