September 01, 2009

Beslan: 5 Years Later and the Jihad Still Growing in Russia

Today is the 5th anniversary of the Beslan massacre. I'd almost forgotten.


Michelle Malkin and Jim Hoft remember.

You'd think such a despicable act of terror would turn would-be jihadists off? It didn't and it hasn't. Instead, more and more the would-be jihadis of the world turn their attention to creating an Islamic state in the Russian Caucuses.

Instead, radical Islamists living in the West glorify the actions of the "mujahideen" in Chechnya, Dagastan, Ingushetya, and North Ossetia. "Liberating" the Caucuses from the Russian "occupiers" is now a top priority for jihadists.

Much of the attention given to the Caucuses by the global jihad community can be explained by the actions of the U.S. State Department and European countries. Western governments have failed to formally designate "The Islamic Emirate of the Caucuses" and related groups as Foreign Terrorists despite jihad leader Dokka Umarov declaring war on the U.S.

Today, supporters of a Taliban like state within the historical borders of Russia openly operate in the West. The main nexus of this community can be found online at "The Kavkaz Center" and "Imam TV". Both websites openly operating in the West: Kavkaz Center out of Sweden and Imam TV from Atlanta, GA.

International support for jihad in Russia will continue to grow until the West takes action. Many radical Muslism who fear arrest by Western governments for supporting internationally outlawed groups like al Qaeda, the Taliban, Hamas, and al Shabaab have turned their attention and support to related jihadi groups that are not "illegal".

Until the U.S. State Department designates Russian "separatists" as terrorists, there is little chance that Europe will do the same. And until such time we can expect support for the Russian jihad to continue.

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