September 01, 2009

BREAKING: FL Rifqa investigators were led around by CAIR's Islamist Homeland Security mole **Bumped**

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Two weeks ago Florida Judge Daniel Lawson directed the Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement to investigate the Columbus, Ohio Islamic community to provide him sufficient information to accurately assess the potential threat to Rifqa Bary if she were returned to her family in Ohio.

We can now report that those FDLE investigators were led on a wild goose chase to avoid the unsavory and terror-tied elements of the Bary family mosque by CAIR's Islamist mole in the Ohio Dept. of Public Safety, Omar Alomari, director of the ODPS Office of Multicultural Affairs.

As a result, those same FDLE investigators were sent reeling yesterday with the filing and release of an extensively footnoted 35 page brief by Rifqa's attorney (which we noted here) documenting the terrorist ties of the Bary family mosque. Why were they not able to discover this information on their own during their visit to Ohio last week? Why couldn't they discover any evidence of Islamic extremism in Central Ohio, home to the largest known Al-Qaeda cell in the US since 9/11?

When FDLE investigators traveled to Columbus last week, Alomari's involvement in directing their investigation assured that they would never receive the information they had been sent to gather. You can get a glimpse of Alomari's leanings in his booklet published by ODPS, Cultural Guide to Arabic and Islamic Cultures. Also of note are the sources he refers readers to on the back page of the booklet featuring some familiar names: Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), Muslim American Society (MAS), etc.

Alomari's close relationship with the terror-tied Noor Islamic Cultural Center at the center of this controversy was indirectly alluded to in an article published yesterday by the Orlando Sentinel on the release of the brief by Rifqa's attorney, John Stemberger. Concerning the Noor mosque, the Sentinel reported:

It is one of the most liberal mosques in the city, according to Columbus-area Muslims. It sponsors blood drives, a food pantry and next month, a health clinic.

Earlier this month, it hosted a day-long interfaith session on homeland security that was sponsored by the Ohio Department of Public Safety.

Who organized that ODPS event last month at the Noor Center, the focus of the FDLE's investigation? Omar Alomari.

Another glimpse at the close relationship between Alomari and the extremist elements in the Central Ohio Islamic community were seen when ODPS announced his hiring and the creation of the Office of Multicultural Affairs at a press conference in April 2006. As you can see in the ODPS press release below the fold, one of the speakers was none other that the director of CAIR-Columbus, the organization responsible for getting him him position at ODPS:

alomari - 042106_SSLreleaseHL.jpg

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