August 31, 2009

U.S. Released Baghdad Bombers?

Bill Ardolino, formerly of the INDC blog is now doing special reports for Bill Roggio at The Long War Journal. In this post he explains the confusing relationship between the US military and the Iraqi judicial system.

A few weeks ago the Iraqis charged that the US let loose two men who later went on to commit a suicide attack in Baghdad that killed dozens.

The US claims the men that they were holding may not have actually been involved. The Iraqis, it seems, are trying to blame the US for not holding the men longer or turning them over to their judicial system.

But it's not clear whether the Iraqi judicial system would have held the alleged bombers any longer than the US. Seems to me like a blame-the-other-guy ploy which isn't something uniquely Iraqi.

In any event, welcome back to the blogosphere Bill! Go check the post out here.

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