August 31, 2009

Global Warming Protest in London

(London, England) A group of about 100 anarcho-warmists gathered at Blackheath Common Climate Camp 2009 and organized a direct action attack against the 32-story, name-in-neon Barclays Bank.

Climate Camp 2009.jpg
Climate Camp 2009

Led by a 30-something skittish woman called Blonde Leader, they were a rag-tag bunch, "with seasoned activists in dreadlocks mixing with middle-class couples in chinos" and shaven-headed anarchists.

Pens, paper and Post-it Notes were made handy for delivering an ugly mess of global warming, anti-capitalist messages (pic) on every available surface.

Spirited, the throng of 1960s throwbacks boarded the train to their destination, the strikingly-unmissable Barclays Bank which reportedly was investing in evil coal. They arrived downtown and, unafraid, they charged into and through the lobby screaming slogans like "Save the Planet!" and "Down with Barclays!" and "Stop Global Warming!"

Blonds Leader was shrieking and yelling the most until restrained by security guards. She then became quiet and embarrassingly informed everyone, as they were working to form unbreakable human chains, that they were at the wrong skyscraper. Barclays Bank was down the road. (More ....)

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