August 28, 2009

Panetta's Lost Cause

The lost cause? Protecting the CIA from the Democrats in power. Kimberly Strassel thinks Panetta may be on his way out.

If he is? Lord help us.

I was very opposed to a political hack like Panetta being put in charge with our nation's largest and perhaps most important intelligence agency.

But, to be honest, he seems to have done a fair job. At least, it could have been much worse.

And when the leftists in the Democratic party -- led by Obama in the White House and Pelosi in the House of Reps. -- began a flanking assault on the Agency it came as quite a shock to me that Panetta put himself between them and the CIA.

Good for you Mr. Panetta.

Make no mistake: no matter how much Obama tries to make it seem that he is somehow above the fray and push responsibility on to others for the misleading, dangerous, and demoralizing attack on the CIA the orders to do so ultimately come from his desk.

But it's a losing battle. Leon Panetta works at the will and pleasure of the Obama White House.

And that may not last too much longer.

Could it get worse? Yes. And it probably will.

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