August 22, 2009

Reporter covering Rifqa Bary case loves the hijab!

Last week Columbus Dispatch reporter Meredith Heagney ( published an article attacking the credibility of potential honor killing victim Rifqa Bary. In that article, Heagney quoted a Columbus Police official who assured the public there was NOTHING to worry about, flatly contradicting her claims of potential danger from her family. This quote has been reprinted and widely circulated by her parents' supporters, including the Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) in their claims that she has been brainwashed and abducted by Christians.

But speaking to sources in the Columbus area, it seems that Ms. Heagney is more than just a neutral or objective observer. According to these sources, Heagney has used her position with the Dispatch to serve as the de facto press agent for the extremist Noor Islamic Cultural Center, where Rifqa's parents attend (the mosque's ugly ties to terror covered here at Jawa a few days ago).

One such example is an article in the Dispatch yesterday where Heagney promotes Noor's current "Holy Month" celebrations. Earlier this year, Heagney penned a glowing account of the Islamic hajj featuring the outreach coordinator for the Noor Center. Last November, she plugged the mosque's Somali conference, failing to note the presence of Hassan Mohamud, who has recently been in the news for a promotional video complaining about "the hell of living in America" and for his advocacy in support of suicide bombings (something a real reporter, Katherine Kersten of the Star-Tribune, has been willing to cover) . Mohamud and his mosque have been mentioned in connection with the current nationwide counterterrorism investigation concerning young American Somalis who have left the country to train in the Al-Qaeda linked Al-Shabaab camps. But no need to worry - the Dispatch waved off any Columbus connections to the terror case long ago.

And during last year's Eid al-Fitr celebrations, Heagney authored a whining piece about the mosque's services entitled, "Muslims still look for acceptance". While conducting her reporting at the mosque she was photographed sporting her hijab along with her Dispatch ID card:

NICC - Heagney3.jpg

We will have more on the Dispatch's Dhimmitude in the coming days, but newspaper subscribers and the Columbus-area public should take this into consideration when weighing Meredith Heagney's "reporting" (or anyone from the Dispatch for that matter) on the Rifqa Bary case.

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