August 21, 2009

FL judge puts halt to Rifqa Bary's slow motion honor killing

I just got off the phone with an official with Rifqa Bary's legal team. The FL judge hearing the case this afternoon has granted Rifqa a temporary reprieve and is allowing her to stay there, rather than sending her back to Ohio, while the FL Dept of Law Enforcement conducts and investigation into the extremism of the Ohio mosque Rifqa's parents attend (revisit my post last night on the mosque in question) and the widespread extremism in the Muslim community in Central Ohio. The judge noted that since there is no case pending in the state of Ohio, and Rifqa has no desire to return to Ohio or her parents, he will hold a dependency hearing on Sept. 3rd. How stunning a development this really is can be seen in the Fox News report earlier today that predicted that she would be sent back home.

Meanwhile, as I reported this morning, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is mobilizing their supporters to engage in the standard Islamic grievance theater, attempting to characterize this case as discrimination towards Rifqa's parents (who have threatened her) because they are Muslim. Expect some legal intervention by CAIR in this case on First Amendment grounds.

That notwithstanding, the judge's decision today is about as good news for Rifqa as could be expected. Thanks are deserved to the FL AG Bill McCollum, FL House of Reps Speaker Adam Hasner, Florida Security Council President Tom Trento, and many others in the blogosphere who have helped keep this case in the public's eye. Thanks to all the Jawa readers who contacted Florida officials on Rifqa's behalf. We will keep you informed of any developments in this case.

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