August 06, 2009

To: America
From: Jawa Report
RE: Plunge in Taliban Communiques


The NEFA Foundation has released a new chart by NEFA Senior Investigator Evan Kohlmann titled, "Charting the Ongoing Drought in Taliban Media." The chart helps illustrate how, over the past few weeks, the number of daily communiqués and statements issued online by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (the Taliban) has been dramatically curtailed without any explanation from the Taliban. Though neither the U.S. government nor U.S. military have commented on the issue, the major dip in Taliban communications activity seems to have occurred directly following the Taliban capture of U.S. soldier Pfc. Bowe Bergdahl and the release of an Internet video of Bergdahl. (See Chart Here PDF format)
Which is coincidentally about the same time the Jawas got to work on all those Taliban websites. The best part from the chart..
As of August 5th 2009 almost all the major propaganda websites and Jihad news feeds are either unresponsive or have been knocked off by unidentified culprits
Yes we do rock don't we?

See here:Fighting Back: Jawa vs Taliban Propaganda Machine Round 10 *sticky* (PWNED!)

Coincidence? I think not. The loss of websites means Dr. Talib Mujahadid is spending all his time rebuilding his outlets. And has less time to post his crap. And I think we make him paranoid. Especially when the Pakistanis figured out just which person was registering all those URLs. It was the same person/customer according the Pakistani provider.

Hey baby, you're welcome.

As for why the Taliban have not said anything, either he can't find the email for all the bad gay porn spam, or else they just don't want to admit to being PWNED by a bunch of Zionist Star Wars geeks over their lunch hour.

As Ace would say, but mostly The Taliban don't want to admit to being PWNED by a bunch of Zionist Star Wars geeks over their lunch hour.

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