August 04, 2009

Hizbullah's Al Manor TV Gets Permission To Air In Australia

JPHizbullah-sponsored TV network Al-Manar TV has been granted permission to broadcast in Australia, after having been banned on two occasions.

Dr. Colin Rubenstein, executive director of the Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council, said the decision Friday by the Australian Communications & Media Authority that Al-Manar TV did not violate government anti-terror laws was "regrettable, if unsurprising."

"This is because the anti-terrorism standards, as revised last December, are grossly ineffective on the issue of incitement to violence and fundraising for terrorist organizations," Rubenstein said.

"Al-Manar is banned in France, Germany, Spain and the United States. It should also be banned in Australia," he added. Crazy, they are asking for trouble allowing Hizbollah's propaganda to be aired there.

Australia doesn't have Somali alQaeda linked terrorist group al Shabaab listed as a terrorist organization either. Al Shabaab sympathizers are accused of planning the terrorist attack at the Holsworthy Army base.

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