July 30, 2009

Jakarta: Terrorist Leader Noordin Tops Claim His Group Bombed The Marriot & Ritz Carlton

noordin m top.jpg
Straits Times

JAKARTA: Indonesian police are investigating a message posted on two radical Muslim websites, supposedly by wanted terrorist leader Noordin Top, who said his group was behind the recent suicide bombings at two Jakarta hotels...

It was signed off by Noordin Top, with the title of 'emir of Tandzim Al Qaeda Indonesia', a breakaway faction of the Jemaah Islamiah (JI) militant group.

The message said that a meeting hosted by American businessman James Castle at the Marriott was targeted specifically because its participants represented companies that exploited Indonesia's resources, the profits of which go towards helping 'infidel American soldiers' fight Muslims.

The Ritz-Carlton bombing, it added, was intended as a reminder to Indonesians not to idolise[sic] the Manchester United footballers, which it described as crusaders unfit for the respect of Muslims.

Gawd, can't even play sports. I guess they prefer the sport of sploding oneself to see how many pieces of burnt flesh are left. The one with the least pieces wins 2 extra goat virgins in hell.

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