July 30, 2009

Jihadi's Facebook Account: I will kill you (Updated: Pics Added)


More on the banality of terror. You should read it for the context in understanding the federal indictments against Ziyad Yaghi, Mohammad Omar Aly Hussain, and six others.

At first glance Yaghi's Facebook account seemed so ordinary. Hence why all his friends are shocked, neighbors all describe the ringleader's family as nice people, and the "banality of evil" reference. But on a deeper analysis of "hidden" information, it becomes clear that Yaghi had jihadi aspirations for some time.

I think there's a joke worthy of Jeff Foxworthy here. If the very first thing you write on your Facebook page is ..

Asalamualaikum, if your a mulsim (sic, "Muslim) welcome but if ur a munafiq (arabic: hypocrite) im a kill you
... then you might be a jihadi.

Here's the screenshot:


Ziyad Yaghi was indicted last week for attempting acts of violent jihad abroad. Who would have guessed this guy had jihad aspirations?

Thanks to friend in NC.

UPDATE: Just a few days before Ziyad Yaghi leaves for Israel with Mohammad Omar Aly Hassain, which according to the federal indictment against him was on June 13, 2007 -- one of his facebook pals [who I won't name at this moment] posts a picture of the group paintballing. Here is part of the pic posted, the name "Ziyad Yaghi" was put in by the person who posted it, not me:


A friend leaves the comment, "Future M______ Inshallah". What do you bet the M stands for martyr?

Ziyad sees fit to respond to the martyr wish on June 8, only four days before he gets on the plane to Israel hoping to meet up with the "resistance" in Palestine, with an "inshallah" (God willing).

Here's the screenshot:


Here's a second photo of Ziyad playing paintball jihad with his buddies. This time he's alone. This photo was also posted by his friend on June 8, just days before he left the country.


The finger in the sign of #1 is not what you think it is. The one finger signifies the unity of Allah. Ziyad is in fact mimicking a pose that is common to Islamist fighters. I've seen hundreds of similar pictures, many of them of mujahideen in Chechnya.

And here's Ziyad at "summer camp". If the date on the photo is correct, it was taken a week before he left for Palestine.


Yet another pic of Ziyad a week before he goes off on a failed quest for jihad. This one taken by another friend at the same "summer camp".


Ziyad apparently had dreams of killing the Zionists with his Rambo knife!! LOL!!

Next we have a picture of either two pussies and one dick, or just three pussies. I'm not sure which.


I can haz kill Jooz with catz?

UPDATE: Guess who also went to that same "camp". Omar Hussain (spelled Hassan in the photo), also one of the eight residents of North Carolina named in the indictment. Again, the caption of "Omar Hassan" was in the original.


Two pussies....


Thanks, once again, to my anonymous friend who noticed the caption.

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