July 29, 2009

Banality of Evil: An Indicted Terrorist's Facebook Account

UPDATE: Okay, thanks to a friend in NC I've found a bunch of pics of Ziyad Yaghi playing jihad with his buddies on Facebook.



An indictment against Ziyad Yaghi, of Raleigh, North Carolina, and six others was unsealed earlier this week alleging that the ring had conspired to fund, facilitate, and commit acts of violent jihad -- including murder -- abroad. An eighth American tied to the group, Jude Kenan Mohammad, was arrested in Pakistan last year near the Afghan border carrying a laptop computer. He is still on the loose.

Ziyad Yaghi was the one who traveled to Jordan and Israel "to engage in violent jihad". Both times, it appears, he was unsuccessful.

As I've mentioned several times in regards to this case, they've probably left cyber tracks of their activities on the web. The majority of these types of Islamists keen on joining the "caravan of martyrs" to the lands of jihad start out on the forums.

This morning reader Tony found Ziyad Yaghi's facebook account.

In looking through Yaghi's 129 Facebook friends, I didn't find any accounts that overtly belonged to any of the other seven in the ring. A lot of what appeared to be relatives, friends from various colleges, and what seem to be friends who went to the same K-12 schools as Yaghi.

At least one of his friends from NC State can be seen with a Muslim Student Association t-shirt over his face. Was Yaghi a student at NC State and was he a member of the MSA?

In fact, his Facebook page seems quite ... unextrodinary.

It's a reminder othat Hannah Arendt was right in describing the great evils of this world as carried out by people who are by all measures ordinary. Hence, all the comments from Daniel Boyd's neighbors that the family of would-be jihadists seemed so nice.

If you find any other internet tracks from Daniel Patrick "Saifullah" Boyd, Hysen Sherifi, Anes Subasic, Zakaria Boyd, Dylan "Mohammad" Boyd, Mohammad Omar Aly Hussain, Ziyad Yaghi, or Jude Kenan Mohammad, let me know.

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