July 21, 2009

al-Shabaab Claims Hostage Amanda Lindhout Delivers Boy

Apparently "good treatment of hostages" for al-Shabaab includes rape. The rapist er I mean father named the boy Osama.

Via Terror Free Somalia:

Hawiye kidnap Canadian journalist MOGADISHU --Amanda Lindhout, a Canadian journalist who was abducted by habar-gidir .. hawiye al-shabaab wing gunmen from Mostly hawiye Somali capital Mogadishu about Ten months ago ,according to hawiye media, She Deliver Baby Boy, we have reported in the past, she was apparently raped by her abductors, Sources say the Canadian journalist Amanda and an Australian photojournalist are being held by the Hawiye habar-gidir Jehadest in the northeastern neighbourhood of Suqa Holaha habar-girir haweye Terrorist fighter neighborhood in Mogadishu.
Religion of something something.

Update 11/27/09 : It appears that since Amanda Lindhout was released that this report was possibly just al-shabaab propaganda. Ms. Lindhout has mentioned nothing about being raped or giving birth since her release.

We follow propaganda from terrorist groups and report on it. In this case, thankfully, it appears the terrorist's propaganda was just that. Designed to increase anxiety over her status.

We've received requests to withdraw/retract this post, but I'll leave it up as a record of events as they appeared at the time. With this update standing as a correction to the original story.

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