July 19, 2009

Video: Pvt. Bowe Bergdahl Full Hostage Video

Here is the entire video showing Private Bowe Berdahl in Taliban captivity. The Taliban have threatened to murder him if the U.S. does not leave Afghanistan.

Until Bowe Bergdahl's captors are dead I will not rest. For those who speak of coming to some sort of agreement with the Taliban I would remind you of the kind of scum we are talking about.

I wasn't planning on coming back to the blog for a few days in order to sort my personal affairs out after a prolonged vacation went very very bad. To be honest I was questioning whether or not I would come back at all.

But it's as if I've been awakened from a slumber and I can't recall why I ever went to sleep. This video reminds me why I began to blog in the first place. I want these Taliban dead. Killed. Annihilated.

I'm back, and I declare war on the Taliban.

UPDATE: Since I haven't been back in so long, I had no idea who was covering this. Flopping Aces links a pretty good article on the violation of international law that this represents. I'll send you over there to read it.

The major issue to me isn't interntaional law -- only inasmuch as it reveals the hypocrisy of the far Left who constantly cite all of our minor infractions in an effort to equivocate between America and her enemies like the Taliban -- the major issue is that an American is being held hostage by America's enemies.

I want our hostages freed and our enemies killed. This is what patriots think. If that is not on your mind then, yes, I question your patriotism.

UPDATE 7/20: My thoughts on the claims being made that Bergdahl was a deserter are here. Synopsis: please don't blame the victim!

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