July 07, 2009

Victims' Memorial - July 7th Terror Attack on London (sticky)

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7:7 London Bombings Memorial.jpg

(London, England) A 1m memorial to the victims of the July 7th 2005 terror attack on London will be unveiled today in Hyde Park.
Prince Charles and The Duchess of Cornwall will join senior MPs, survivors and family members of the victims for the ceremony which takes place on the fourth anniversary of the terror attacks.

The Prince of Wales is expected to speak at the event, before laying a wreath and meeting bereaved families.

Sir Trevor Mcdonald has been invited to the unveiling, where he will read out the names of the victims before a minute's silence.

Each of the 52 victims is represented by a three metre high pillar, with the pillars arranged in four groups which represent the locations of the bombings.

A plaque with the victims' names has also been placed in the grass banks at the eastern end of the memorial.

The four bombings by Islamist terrorists occurred at Tavistock Square, Edgware Road, King's Cross and Aldgate.

Although it scarcely needs mentioning, many Americans share the pain of Britain's loss. And, for what it's worth, I'm just as sickened and outraged now as I was four years ago. Never forget.

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