July 01, 2009

A Tale of Two Helens

Compare: Helen Thomas, in typical form, asking a routine rant question at to President Bush in July 2007 (just about two years ago).

Today: Helen getting miffed - the first time that Helen Thomas has acted like Helen Thomas during this Administration - at the notion that the Obama Administration is obsessed with controlling the media and manipulating the media to suit its political objectives.

What are they complaining about? These are their boys up there.

Maybe this is just muscle flexing by the old media, and this is their way of firing a warning shot across the bow of this power-hungry, young Administration. To me, when in reference to the Obama clan's attempts to control the news I hear Helen say things like"We've NEVER had that in the White House," that to me is a signal sent to Gibby and the Obama Administration (or at least it should to the attuned ear).

The subtext?

"Listen, you motherf*ckers. We made you, and we can just as easily break you. Don't forget who brought you to the dance, you miserable little twerps."

(gets popcorn)

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