June 16, 2009

Enchanting: ABC News Announces Plans to Become Official Obama Propaganda Outlet

Graphic from Michelle.


Because it's every allegedly "objective" news organization's "patriotic duty" to act as a mouthpiece and advocate for the Democrat Party and its agenda.

Don't you wingnuts listen? The President said it's a crisis. That must mean there is a crisis and that only his proposed solutions are the right ones. It's time to shut up, silence dissent and MARCH, people. For the children.

Apparently, the revolution will be televised...by Charlie Gibson and the Official Enchanted Media Outlet of the Obama Administration.

So ABC and NBC have both gone down on their knees and become the American versions of Pravda (with the sole exception of Jake Tapper, perhaps). Now all that's left is for CBS to implant Katie Couric in the WH for six months for a new reality TV/news series called "Living with the Obamas." Coming soon for fall sweeps!

Bias? What bias,

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