June 15, 2009

This Day Will be Long Remembered

It has seen the end of Ahmadinejad, and will soon see the end of the Rebellion

The great Polish journalist Ryszard Kapuscinski witnessed and wrote about dozens of revolutions in the course of his life. He has, perhaps, seen more revolutions than anyone in the history of the world. He knew, while he lived, revolutions better than anyone.


Obi-One sure is turning out to be an effective tool for the Empire, he was credited last week with turning the elections in Lebanon. Now this week, the people of Iran have rejected Ahmadinejad.

Though the results are disputed by short stuff. The demonstrations and speculation of a coup in Iran run rampant.

Clearly Obi-One's Hope/Change has taken hold abroad and young people are looking the chosen one to lead them out of tyranny.

Via Hot Air: if Iran’s kids are expecting The One to walk away from nuke negotiations in protest of the coup, they’re kidding themselves. For one thing, that’s something Bush would do, and of course Bush was never, evah right. For another, if Obama walks away then he’s essentially betting all his chips on a full-blown counterrevolution to erupt and topple the regime.
Obi-One cannot escape his destiny. He must face Ahmadinejad.

I don't know if Obama is really that big a factor, but his supporters seem to think so. And hey, he's the one who ran for leader of the free world. So if he can pull off essentially two bloodless coups in a week, more power to him.

Just remember, twice the pride, double the fall.

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