June 08, 2009

Shriner's Considers Closing Children's Hospitals

Via CNN:

The system's board says it may ask the fraternity's membership in July for authority to close six hospitals -- including the one in Greenville -- largely because the endowment fund that supports the hospitals dropped from $8.5 billion to $5.2 billion over the last year as the stock market plummeted.

The others that could close are in Erie, Pennsylvania; Shreveport, Louisiana; Spokane, Washington; Springfield, Massachusetts; and Galveston, Texas. The Galveston hospital's operations have been suspended since Hurricane Ike flooded it last year. See map of where all 22 Shriners hospitals are

Deflated investments aren't the only reason the fund has dropped. The hospitals normally operate with donations and the fund's interest, but the system's $856 million 2009 budget is outpacing both, causing the hospitals to take about $1 million per day from the fund, said Ralph Semb, president and CEO of Shriners Hospitals.

This cause is one that we should not let fall through the cracks. Shriners gives world class care free of charge.

They can accept donations over the internet on Shriners Hospital's home page here.

Update: Just had the thought. That this is one of the things that is bound to happen when Obi-One eliminates or reduces the deductions for "the evil greedy rich people".

Shriners works miracles for kids and their families. 60% of all bankruptcies are related to medical bills, insured or not, every patient Shriners accepts is a load off private and public health dollars and most likely the financial savior of a family.

Like it or not Libs, this is the real world consequences of "soak the rich". Because this is what is done with that money. World class care, free of charge that's better than any pubic care you can get.

So when you soak the rich, you screw over little kids in need.

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