June 05, 2009

Is Obi-One Creating a Dhimmi America?

fursan-logo.jpgVia Fox Forum:

Once again we see an attempt by Obama to inflate Muslims by overstating their size and saying America would be “one of the largest Muslim countries,” but three times he has insisted America is “not a Christian country,” despite that we are ranked #1 in the world in Christian population and the birthday of Christ is an American national holiday.

The significance of Obama’s attempts to raise the Muslim status into something bigger than it is, while diminishing Christianity, is tied to the concept of what in the Muslim world is termed “Dhimmi.”

The danger here being that if you don't stand eye to eye with radical Muslims, they will perceive you as weak.

Related: Michelle Malkin:

You will be fascinated — among other reactions — by the latest statement issued by the Obama DOJ, issued yesterday after the president’s Cairo speech.

No, it’s not a statement condemning the jihadist in Arkansas who targeted our troops or the Bronx jihadi plotters who targeted Jews, infidels, and our troops.

It’s a statement “to protect American Muslims.”

Seriously, Obi-One needs to be careful to not create a perception of weakness on our part. Making friends is all well and good, but if his efforts are interpreted as weakness, or show a lack of conviction or backbone, that will be noted and pounced upon quickly.

Remember the role the horse in Islamic culture, a common theme in al-Qaeda videos are horses. Muslims never ever back the weak horse, they always back the strong horse. Which side the horse is on is less important.

If Obama creates a perception of the US as a weak horse, he'll end up giving up more and more ground and get nothing at all in return for it.


Update: As if on cue the new al-Fajr media center sniper film entitled Indeed power is in shooting #1 uses some clips of Arabs on horses. This is very common in Jihadi tapes.



So long as Obama moves boldly and projects and image of strength he'll do well. The minute he is perceived as weak or to anxious to give himself away, he will be pushed.

(note the image on the top left of the post is the logo of al-Fursan media. al-Fursan is a media production label created by Charlotte blogger and al-Qaeda supporter Samir Khan AKA Inshallahshaheed. Call you identify the critter in the pic? Does it look like strong horse or a weak one?)

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